ExoTerra is a cooperative sci-fi campaign game where Players pilot massive mechs, called Jackets, in a battle against the tyrannical ‘Vega Apex’.

Players will progress through a story where they can acquire new Jackets, customize them as they see fit, and develop a playstyle that they enjoy and find effective - the sandbox nature of the game lets you approach the game in any way you choose!

Mecha - Campaign - Co-op - Solo
Sandbox - Drafting - Deck Building

Meet the Jackets

In the universe of ExoTerra, Jackets are the latest development in combat technology. These massive humanoid weapons systems are fielded in battle by the players as they clash with enemies. Each comes with a personal arsenal of cards, but is fully customizable with pilots, equipment, and draftable programs and hardware.


Manage Your Sequence

Each Jacket has a Sequence, a unique operating mode that provides upsides and downsides. Successfully navigating when to swap your sequence is a big part in mastering a Jacket.


Jacket Affinities

As Players progress through the ExoTerra campaign, they will draft for cards to add to their Arsenals. Each Jacket has 2 affinities which determine which kinds of cards they are able to utilize. Each affinity is built to house several archetypes that a player may build around, should they choose.


Gameplay Roles

While a Jacket may be set up to fulfill a particular squad role through the cards in its base deck or its affinities, it is ultimately the Players' choice on how to craft these machines and mold them to the playstyle that Players find most useful or, more importantly, most fun!



1-4 Players
2-3 Hours/Sessions

Welcome to the universe of ExoTerra , a sandbox strategy game with tactical planning, deep customization, and enemies who are complex and highly challenging.

ExoTerra is played cooperatively by 2 to 4 players over the course of many sorties in a campaign. Each player acts as a Pilot in charge of requisitioning equipment, personnel, supplies, and, most importantly, Jackets – massive humanoid weapon systems, to be fielded in battle with the enemy.

Players choose their own path, building up their hanger and customizing their forces based on their preferred playstyle. During a sortie, players pit their pilots and Arsenals against cunning opponents and tricky situations, earning Reputation for future upgrades or purchases.

You can check out our developer diaries or chat about the game on our BGG page.

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Sandbox Freedom

Players can contribute to victory in ExoTerra in many ways – not everyone has to focus on being a weapon laden war machine. You decide what role you want to play - whether you focus on combat, supporting your allies, interacting with the world, or anything in between.

Captivating Foes

In ExoTerra, players face deadly and cunning enemies - Jacket piloted by veteran pilots and fully customized just as the Players have customized their own Arsenals. These are not your standard disposable or repeatable enemies and encounters with them vary sortie to sortie as their arsenals, pilots, and unit makeup change.

Tangible Damage

The destructive potential of a Jacket is mirrored by its fragility. These are not machines built to withstand a battery of damage until they explode. They have delicate components which must be protected with armor, energy shields, and evasive thrusters. Each component may be consumed to empower abilities and unlock greater potential, but if you press your luck too much you may push your machine too far.


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