ExoTerra is a co-op strategic combat game set in a theme of a futuristic conflict fought with giant mechs, called Jackets. Each player takes the role of a Pilot as they customize their Jackets, recruit operators, and work through a campaign battling enemies and completing various mission objectives. The main game is turn based and the play mechanic is focused around card drafting, deck building, and tactical resource usage. If you like long and short term planning with other players to ensure victory against complex and deadly enemies that require unique approaches to combat, then this game is for you! To discuss ExoTerra or join a playtest, please check out our discord channel. Please sign up for our newsletter to get sneak peeks of new ExoTerra content!


Exoterra’s main gameplay loop is based on engaging card-play. Players will craft their Arsenal using cards from their Jacket, their pilot, their equipment, and cards they draft throughout the campaign. Players can lean into an archetype, craft combos, or simply choose cards that let them have the most fun.


Success in Exoterra comes much easier when Players work together as a cohesive team. Many abilities are designed to support or rely on one’s allies but it is ultimately up to the Players to craft their Arsenals as they see fit to carve their path to victory.

Map Interaction

The story of Exoterra takes place in a setting rich with history and teeming with life. Players always have opportunities to approach situations in various ways, often times by leveraging resources and locations in the world. Some might even focus on creating builds that excel in interacting with and taking advantage of the various assets around them.

Press Your Luck

Playing cards in Exoterra is mainly fueled by using your Reactor points which are tied to the Reactor stat of your Jacket. However some abilities might require or be surged by cashing in some of your physical Jacket components. Using too much of your Hull, Cybernetics, or Integrity to boost your potential on the battlefield might leave you in a dire situation as your Jacket is destroyed when they are all depleted.


After each sortie in ExoTerra, players draft for new cards to add to their Arsenal. Players might acquire new pilots, new abilities, upgrades for their Jackets, or choose to swap out their equipment. These drafts provide players with opportunities to craft their Arsenals and develop their ideal playstyle. However the draft deck is large and some cards may not be seen until later in the campaign, which adds to the replay value of the ExoTerra campaign.


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